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Baldock Town Partnership Members


Membership of Baldock Town Partnership is open to any business or organisation based in or around Baldock.

This is an opurtunity to contribute to the town your business operates from, allowing the partnership to continue to run fantastic events in and around Baldock attracting many new people, making Baldock a fantastic place to live and work.  

From as little as £120 per annum, your business or organisation will benefit from the following, if you sign up:

Representation of your interests by the Partnership's Town Centre Manager, with Herts Constabulary and North Hertfordshire District Council,

Regular information and news on all Town Centre matters directly from the Town Centre Manager and also through the town website;

Promotion of your business or organisation on the Partnership's website, all social-media platforms and other Partnership-backed publications;

Attend Partnership meetings where you will have the opportunity to add your views and suggestions and also be among the first to hear about future plans for the Town Centre, the Partnership, events and marketing;

Share your ambitions and concerns for your business, and network with other like-minded individuals at our monthly lunch club

Elect Directors onto the Partnership's Board at the Company's Annual General Meeting.

The Partnership is supported by, North Hertfordshire District Council and Member businesses and organisations provide the funds which make it possible for the Partnership to employ and accommodate a Town Centre Manager.

All subscriptions contributed by Member businesses and organisations are used to market and promote Baldock Town .

For more info on joining the partnership or to obtain a standing order mandate please email

DB Sharp
camtronics Letchworth